Flowermate Cap Pro

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In their quest to improve your vaping experience, Flowermate engineers pay close attention to feedback, updating their devices to bring out the best in the vaping experience. With improvements to the heating chamber, battery and mouthpiece, the device has received more than just a makeover.

Great battery life

A long battery life is important for everyone. With its powerful 2000 mAh battery, the palm-friendly Flowermate Cap Pro reaches a whopping 18 to 20 sessions per charge, without sacrificing flavor or vapor production. This battery can also be recharged in just an hour.


Easy to use

Easy to use, you just need to remove the magnetic mouthpiece and fill the ceramic chamber with herbs. The ceramic bowl has been thoughtfully designed with a slope and rim around the chamber so that no precious herbs fall off your side when loading. To turn it on, press the up arrow five times, choose the desired temperature and you are ready to lift. You can display the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. When your device has reached the right temperature, it vibrates, and you can get started right away.

Easy to hide

The Flowermate Cap Pro is the size of a palm, so you can easily hide it or put it in your pocket. It is powerful and light, and works well. With a 0.3 g chamber and a glazed stainless steel heating chamber, it is ideal for fast, even and milky clouds. Not only does this constantly blow out powerful vapor, but it is also super compact and sturdy.


Temperature and vapor

You can navigate through the temperature range between 150°C – 230°C and the device will heat up to your desired temperature in less than 30 seconds. With a hefty vapor cooling function, an extended air path and a zirconia mouthpiece, your vapor will be dense and thick without being harsh or blazing hot.

A solid upgrade

With improvements to the heating chamber, battery and mouthpiece, Flowermate Cap Pro is a solid upgrade from its predecessor, Flowermate Cap. Thanks to the OLED display, you can adjust temperatures, monitor battery life and have full control over your vaping experience. With the magnetic and easily detachable mouthpiece it is a piece of cake to keep the device spotless. It is a durable and light device. One that you can always carry with you.


What's in the box

1xFlowermate Cap Pro
1xCleaning Brush
1xUSB cable
1xPack tool
1xStainless steel chamber screen
1xStainless steel mouthpiece screen