Moonrocks are made of a bud of herb that gets rolled in Rosin, and thereafter gets rolled trough kief to become what kind of looks like a ‘moonrock’.

OriginThe Netherlands
Made ofAmnesia Haze + Amnesia Rosin + Amnesia Kief
EffectsVery uplifted, Euphoric, Happy
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Strain informatie


Kief briefly exist out of sifted out trichomes, or hash before you press it into a brick. Trichomes are the white crystals that cover the buds. In these crystals you can find most of the cannabinoids and terpenes. These are the active compounds within your weed and make the flavors and scents.

When making hash: first the weed gets dried (cured) whereafter it gets carefully sifted out. To separate the kief from the buds, whereafter it gets pressed in a brick. With the moonrocks though, the kief gets used to roll the with Rosin smeared bud trough to create the outside layer of the Moonrock.


Rosin gets made by pressing out most of the cannabinoids with a heated hydraulic press. By pressing this buds fully, the oils will drip out. Containing around  70% pure THC!