Airvape X

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The Airvape X is a vaporizer that uses both conduction and convection heating and comes with a bamboo mouthpiece.

Larger ceramic chamber

The Airvape X has a 25% larger ceramic chamber than its predecessor. Excellent for those who like to load the room with extra herbs for their sessions.

Easy operation

The Airvape This way you can easily switch between temperatures and the device heats up from 93°C to 213°C within 20 seconds. The device also has haptic feedback, making it even easier to use.

Efficient design

The slim design of the Airvape X makes it easy to carry. It also has a magnetic bamboo mouthpiece for extra ease of use.

Hybrid heating

Because the Airvape uses both conduction and convection heating, you have the ideal vaping experience and you can even enjoy your herbs at low temperatures.