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When herbs are smoked, unwanted combustion products enter the body, which have a harmful effect on one’s health. If one doesn’t burn a herb but heats it in a vaporizer, only the active ingredients are released. This has many benefits: clean on the lungs, stronger effect, better and smoother flavour and more efficient. This makes the Verdamper especially suitable for medicinal use.

De Verdamper vaporizer was developed by Evert, an enthusiastic Dutch cannabis user, who was looking for a purer experience, without tobacco. In 1995 his experiments with a hot air paint stripper and a bong gave him the idea of the Verdamper after he noticed that the effect of this combination was not only purer but also that it produced an activating, rather than tiring effect. This vaporizer is the result of many adjustments and further developments. The combination of a heating element and a robust glass bong make for the ultimate vaporizer. It vaporizes the active substances in herbs at 200°C (392°F). It is widely regarded as the best vaporizer there is.


De Verdamper vaporizes the active substances at high temperatures, without burning. After vaporizing, an odourless green-brown powder is left. Vaporizing gives a smooth taste and a pure and activating experience.


A complete manual is included with the Verdamper: read it before use. Below you will find a short manual:

  • Make sure you ate and drank enough. Do not underestimate the possible effects.
  • Connect the heating element and put it in the holder. New elements should be left to heat for around 10 minutes.
  • Fill the jar about half-way with water, so no water will come into your mouth when sucking on the tube.
  • Fill the head with herbs
  • Place the heating element on the head
  • When the heating element has reached the right temperature, after around 5 minutes, you can start vaporizing by sucking and inhaling the vapours from the tube. If it is your first time, take 2-3 puffs and wait 10 minutes to feel the effects.
  • You can raise the temperature by carefully (hot!) covering the heating element with your hand or a piece of paper.
  • When you finished vaporizing, it is advisable to empty the head and to let it cool, so it will last longer. Hold the head when lifting the element: it might first stick but then fall off and break.


Read the instructions before use. The heating element gets extremely hot: use the grip to hold it! Keep the element away from inflammable substances, pets and children. Turn the heating element of when not in use.

Please note: De Verdamper has a European plug and works on 220 V only. The plug is not suitable for (among other countries) the UK, Ireland, USA and Canada. British and Irish users will only need an adapter plug. US and Canadian users also need a voltage adapter.

What's in the box

Heating element
Head with screen
Inhalation tube
Safety valve (only the original version)
Connecting tube between head and jar
Adapter/holder for heating element 220 V / Standard European plug
Brushes and grease for the connecting pieces