DynaVap VapCap M 2020

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Double “Chiral” air hole.

The single carb hole is split into two air holes, giving you more options to control the airflow. Closing both holes will give you a dense vapor and completely uncovered holes will give you a smoother vapor. Covering a hole will create an eddy current.

10mm tapered mouthpiece.

Do you like water-cooled vape? Thanks to its slightly conical mouthpiece, the VapCap M 2020 makes it much easier to combine the purity of flame vaping with the softness of a water tool. It fits without any problems on a 10 mm connection.

Captive cap.

The Captive Cap stays in place when you slide it onto the VapCap. Thanks to two notches, the cap can no longer accidentally fall off. It is also easy to remove by means of the magnet of the Dynastash or Induction Heater.