G Pen Dash – Tyson 2.0

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G pen is known for their easy to use vaporizers, and this particular model is a collaboration between worlds most famous boxer Mike Tyson en G-Pen.

The G Pen Dash is a very small model, and is therefore easy to carry in any pocket.

It has a magnetic mouthpiece that guarantees easy opening and closing. Under the mouthpiece you will find the stainless steel chamber in which you load the herbs. Because the chamber is made of stainless steel, it is easier to clean than ceramic chambers. This also ensures that the room does not discolor yellow or brown over time.

In short, the G Pen Dash is an easy to handle and clean model, which due to its size is perfect to take anywhere.


The G Pen Dash is a perfect device for someone who values ​​simplicity and discreet sessions. With a height of 9.2 cm, you can easily hide it in your palm. It also provides haptic feedback to let you know when the vape is ready. Because the mouthpiece is magnetic, you can easily put it on and take it off, and the chamber is always perfectly closed. There is a screen built into the mouthpiece that ensures that you do not get any material in your mouth while inhaling. You can remove both this screen and the silicone insert for cleaning. In addition, the small holes provide the device with more airflow. This ensures that your vapor evaporate more evenly, and you can inhale more smoothly.

Battery life

The G Pen Dash has a relatively small battery of 950mAh.

When the device is on, the battery level is indicated by flashing LEDs:

3x Blinks for a battery between 80% and 100%.

2x Blinks for a battery up to 66% full.

1x Blink for a battery up to 33% full.

Heating chamber

Some vaporizers have a regular stainless steel heating chamber, but the Dash has it lined with glass. The glass liner provides a smooth surface and can contribute to a more natural cleaning. This also ensures smoother heating, which improves your overall vapor experience.


Temperatures and usage

The device has only one button:

Press 5x to switch on/off, 3x to set the temperature,and you can cancel the heating up by pressing the button for 2 seconds.

In the highest setting, your room heats up within 50 seconds.

Each setting has the following color coding:

Blue:       190° C (374 ° F)

Green:    205° C (401 ° F)

Red:        220° C (428 ° F)

What's in the box

1xG-Pen Dash Vaporizer
1xG-Pen Tool with keychain
1xUSB charging cable