G Pen Roam

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The G Pen Roam is a concentrate vaporizer with a unique built-in water filter known as Hydro-Tube. The spill-proof Hydro-Tube cools and filters your vapor on-site without needing a bong as the middleman.

Powered by a 1300mAh removable battery, the vaporizer heats up in a few seconds and has a wide range of temperatures to choose from. It comes with a hemp travel case that holds all the accessories you need for a session.

G PEN ROAM characteristics

The revolutionary device from G Pen got the innovative part covered by introducing the Hydro-Tube. However, it also has a lot of small things covered, the intuitive design, the removable parts, the pass-through charging, etcetera. Noteworthy to mention, you can replace individual parts yourself to extend your vaporizer’s life.


A tiny bit of water filtration comes a long way as it improves the smoothness of your vapor, making it comfortable to inhale. First of all, the closest vaporizer that has a similar function would be the Hydrology9, which is bigger, has colorful LEDs, and it vaporizes herbs. In contrast, the Roam is portable, discreet, and it vaporizes concentrate. The Borosilicate glass Hydro-Tube is safe inside the device and not exposed. Moreover, it is spill-proof, so it is safe to put it in your pockets or your bag.


The Roam has a durable yet stylish aluminum alloy casing and silicone covering around the outer side of the chamber, adding extra grip and safety. Cleaning a concentrate vaporizer can be tricky as it may accumulate residue, but that’s not the case with the Roam as you can remove and clean parts individually. This includes the Quartz tank chamber, the silicone air-path, the Hydro-Tube, and the mouthpiece. The included travel case holds all the necessary things in place. As a result, the casing is your all-in-one vaping station. Last but not least, the removable/replaceable heating chamber and battery. In the long run, these details allow you to maintain your device easily and adds convenience.


The water-filtered concentrate vaporizer has a 1300mAh lithium-ion battery that can last about 20 sessions. Thanks to the powerful battery, it heats up in just a few seconds. The Roam has a 30 seconds heat duration before it cools down to preserve your battery life and vaping material. Of course, you can extend or reduce the heat duration as you please. Using the provided micro-USB cable, G Pen Roam charges about 90 minutes and it can be used while charging. Meanwhile, you can also purchase an extra battery to swap out whenever you want.


There are 3 buttons on the device, a switch, and two temperature controls. It has a curvy LED display to indicate the status of the device and haptic feedback to notify you. You can set the Roam to a temperature in between 315°C to 427°C with 25°F interval. Additionally, you can set the vape to Max mode to end a session where after it reaches 427°C and it will go on full power. This is a perfect way to clear up any residue in the chamber.

G Pen Roam instructions

  1. Fill the glass tube with water up to the mark
  2. Place a small amount of concentrate in the chamber
  3. Activate by pressing the power button five times in quick succession.
  4. Select a temperature with the on / off button
  5. Press the on / off button twice to start heating
  6. The device vibrates when the selected temperature is reached.
  7. Inhale through the mouthpiece
  8. You can also heat by pressing and holding the power button until the desired temperature is reached.

What's in the box

1 G Pen Roam battery
1 G Pen Roam quartz atomizer
1 G Pen Roam glass tube
1 G Pen Roam mouth piece
1 G Pen tools
1 Micro-USB power cord