Our house rules

  1. Access only for people over the age of 18 and only on presentation of a valid and legible ID.
  2. Sale and possession of more than 5 grams of soft drugs per person is not permitted.
  3. Possession of, or trade in, hard drugs and alcohol is not permitted.
  4. Possession of or trade in stolen goods or weapons etc is not allowed. Police will be called in upon discovery. Other forms of trade or commercial activities in or around the store are also not permitted unless with the explicit permission of the owner.
  5. Resale of soft drugs to minors is not allowed.
  6. Smoking tobacco in the shop is not allowed.
  7. Any form of undesirable behavior such as aggression, annoying or offensive behavior, any form of discrimination with regard to culture, race, sexual orientation or forms of violence and aggression, as well as insulting and threatening, is definitely not permitted.
  8. Visitors may be requested to show the contents of bags and / or pants (sacks). In case of refusal, access will be denied and the police may be called in.
  9. It is not allowed to cause any nuisance in the shop, in front of the property and in the immediate vicinity of the property.
  10. Persons in apparent state of intoxication or suspected of being under the influence of hard drugs may be denied entry or further stay in the shop.
  11. No access for persons with bare chests and / or persons without shoes / slippers. Motorcycle club membership clothing is also not allowed.
  12. No access to large groups of people at the same time. The amount of this is at the discretion of security and the manager of the coffee shop.
  13. Consumption obligated.
  14. Personnel and security always have the authority, after reasonable consideration, to request someone to leave the premises.
  15. Coffeeshop uses camera surveillance. Persons entering the coffee shop agree that images can be made available to third parties.
  16. Persons entering the store must do so in such a way that facial recognition and / or identification can take place.
  17. It is not allowed to take video recordings and / or photos in the store without the explicit permission of the rightholder.
  18. Dogs or other animals cannot be kept indoors in the publicly accessible part of the building.
  19. Coffee shop staff can at any time decide not to sell soft drugs to anyone, subject to rules regarding discrimination.
  20. Complaints and disagreements are resolved by our staff. Instructions from Groene Gaper staff and security must be followed at all times.
  21. The coffee shop is not liable for loss, theft and / or damage to clothing or personal belongings.
  22. In case of violation of one of the above rules, access can be denied for a certain period. It is also possible that access is permanently denied for repeated violations of the above-mentioned house rules, and the police can be called in if criminal offenses are established.